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Honey Doo Service

Kona Home Repair and Improvements

Honey Doo Service is Kona, Hawaii’s source for home repairs and improvements. We specialize in completing all those pesky little tasks on your “Honey Doo” list. We can handle all of your repairs — from a leaky sink to a leaky roof and are comfortable with electrical, plumbing, painting and all other general home repairs.

Honey Doo Service can also handle your home improvement projects. Our team’s home building background means that we can do larger projects, such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

With over 30 years of experience in the building industry, we have the know-how and experience necessary to complete any project. We promise to provide on-time service and treat your property with respect and care. Give us a call at 808-315-5570 or send us your To Do list online.


Kona Home Repair